Instantly Calculate PDPM Reimbursement

The PDPM Forecaster allows you to predict patient reimbursement levels based on the clinical services and resources they require for sub-acute care.

The survey-style tool prioritizes queries related to the most complex medical conditions first, thereby using the process of elimination to help you expertly gauge the maximum level of reimbursement allowed by CMS guidelines for incoming and current patients.

PDPM Forecaster saves you time and money by standardizing new operational work flow necessary for PDPM compliance. This ready to use solution helps staff transition faster into PDPM. Watch this short video to see how it is helping healthcare professionals today.

The final report not only contains the case mix group and index for each PDPM category, but also ICD-10 to MDS 3.0 crosswalking to ensure proper coding on MDS assessments. The PDPM Forecaster is the easiest and most powerful PDPM tool available.


Single User: $49.99/month

Unlimited Users: $99.99/month/facility


Effective October 1st, 2019

The Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is a new classification system for patients in a Medicare covered stay that are rehabilitating in a Skilled Nursing Facility.

PDPM will replace the current RUG IV reimbursement system. PDPM aims to offer a more accurate and appropriate payment to Skilled Nursing Facilities for patients with Medicare.

ICD-10 codes will be used to report the patient's primary diagnosis for the SNF stay as well as capture any additional diagnosis and/or comorbidities.

Proper ICD-10 coding on MDS assessments ensures correct reimbursement.

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