Portfolio Management

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What matters most to any asset manager is the success of the facilities in their portfolio. Good operators keep their partners informed about changes to key metrics, but what happens when the message gets lost?

    The Asset Manager's Challenge

    How do I gather all of the performance data for a group of facilities?

    How can I easily see which facilities are at risk, and why?

    What's the story? Is the issue under control?

    How do I keep up with changes to ensure issues are addressed?

    Asset Tracking without the fuss.

    Multiple Portfolios

    One Source of Truth

    No more poring through raw CSV exports or confusing numbers on Nursing Home Compare.  We filter the noise and present only the data that matters.

    Highly Visual Dashboard

    Our simple, color-coded dashboard provides an instant picture of performance across all assets.  Manage by exception: sort to reveal leaders and laggards, then click to dive into detail on areas that raise questions

    Have as many Portfolios as you need

    Track high-level performance by putting all your properties into one portfolio, or divide it up by category, borrower, asset manager, or geography.  You decide how best to monitor your assets.

    Proactive Alerts

    Things can change quickly. One “Immediate Jeopardy” tag on a survey and a facility may be facing down a two-point drop in their Overall Star Rating along with a corresponding drop in census and admissions.

    No one likes surprises, so we send a out detailed monthly report on changes to key metrics so that you can stay ahead of the issues.

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    Manage Risk – Simply

    As a portfolio manager, now you can quickly identify risk without interfering in the day-to-day operations. You can't tell an operator what to do, but you can ask how major issues are being addressed. Our prioritized portfolio view makes it easier to call attention to and focus operators on key areas of risk.

      Super Simple Setup

      Our platform runs completely on the web so there’s no need for a long, drawn-out setup period.  Sign up today and you’re off to the races!