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With Covid-19 posing a dire threat to Nursing Home residents and staff across the country, policies and procedures around Infection Control have come into immediate focus.  Since March 4, 2020, CMS has implemented Targeted Infection Control Inspections (Surveys) at virtually all homes nationwide, but it can be difficult to see which homes received a serious citation on those Surveys.  To help anyone doing this research, we’ve put together this guide and the list available by clicking the button below.

Infection Control Citations

Every year, each Nursing Home receives an unannounced Health Inspection.  During this inspection, surveyors may issue deficiencies in several categories based on their observations.


After the onset of Covid-19, CMS stopped all Standard Survey activity and focused totally on completing at least one Targeted Infection Control Survey at every home in the country.  CMS has since allowed states to resume Standard Surveys, but not before they enacted a tough set of fines and penalties for any facility with an IC deficiency on their Targeted IC Survey.  Each deficiency has a code or F-Tag, and this is the specific tag for Infection Control.

  • F880: Provide and implement an infection prevention and control program.

If one of these deficiencies is found on any of a facility’s Targeted IC Surveys, they may be subject to the below penalties.

Covid-19 Era Infection Control Fines & Penalties

The chart shows that facilities receiving a harm-level deficiency (Scope/Severity of G or greater – bottom two rows) run the risk of crippling penalties that could result in the facility being expelled from the Medicare program.    Because of this, the list we publish above focuses just on these harm-level homes.

Facilities receiving Covid-era IC deficiencies at the potential-for-harm levels of D, E and F (top two rows) are also subject to penalties, the severity of which depends on their history of IC deficiencies on their previous two Standard Surveys.  We track these citations inside our StarAnalyzer app, and provide both an overview of their Pre-Covid and Covid-Era Infection Control deficiencies, and a full Survey history with IC deficiencies highlighted:

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