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With Covid-19 posing a dire threat to Nursing Home residents and staff across the country, policies and procedures around Infection Control have come into immediate focus.  Past performance is not always an indicator of future results, but examining facilities with a history of issues with Infection Control can be helpful when assessing a home.  To help anyone doing this research, we’ve put together this guide and the list available by clicking the button below.

Infection Control Citations

Nursing Homes receive an annual unannounced Health Inspection (or Survey) and at that time, surveyors may issue deficiencies in several categories based on their observations.

Note that there have been recent changes to the Health Inspection/Survey process due to Covid-19.  Click here to read the latest.

There are two types of deficiency related to Infection Control:

  • F441: Have a program that investigates, controls and keeps infection from spreading.
  • F880: Provide and implement an infection prevention and control program.

CMS publishes data for the last 3 Survey “Cycles”, which covers roughly 3 years of history. Within this range, over 75% of facilities have been cited for an Infection Control deficiency of some type.  A closer look reveals that only around 150 homes have been cited for a harm-level deficiency (scope/severity code of G or higher).  These are the homes that make up our list.  

Separately, we’re also tracking the ~3500 homes that have had repeated Infection Control citations of a scope/severity D or higher in our application, as well as the total count of deficiencies across all cycles.  We also flag each Infection Control deficiency on each facility’s Survey history.

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