StarAnalyzer: SNF Research

Timely COVID-19 Info

Cases and Deaths: Check the latest numbers for both Residents and Staff

Up-to-date: We digest and display new data weekly, as soon as its published

Resources: Visibility into each facility's Testing, PPE, Ventilator and Staffing shortage information

Detailed data on your own facility...

Star Rating Trends: A simple view of how a Facility's ratings have changed over time

SFF Analysis: How close is the facility to SFF status? How have they trended over time?

Occupancy: See a facility's census, both current and historical

Sensitivity Analysis: Understand a facility's path to the next star... and how to avoid losing one a powerful search to see 15,000+ more

Centralized Search
By Operator
By Region

Find it all in one place

Whether you’re checking on your own facilities, researching competitors, or looking into M&A, finding the right operational and Star Rating information can be a huge pain.  Stop wasting your time gathering data from multiple sources and deciphering it using Excel spreadsheets. With StarAnalyzer,  we’ll show you the most crucial data in easy to understand visuals.  And there’s no need to re-download files each month – our system is constantly updated with the most current published data.

Operator Reputation Matters

One truism that we hear time and again is that an operator’s track record is the strongest guarantee of their ability to achieve ongoing success.  Use our ownership search abilities to get an instant snapshot of your own performance, or that of a competitor.

Healthcare Is Local

Star Ratings may be applied using metrics determined at the state or federal level, but we all know that healthcare is highly local.  Search by ZIP code and radius to find all the facilities in a given area, and use our Market Analysis tool to see how each home stacks up against their neighbors.

No Setup Required

Our Facility Research tool is ready when you are.  You can search yourself for free, and if you like what you see, we can have you up and running today.  It’s that simple!