StarNow: Real-Time Quality


Your Path to a Higher Rating

Star Ratings can be tough to control. Good or bad, facilities are often held to their survey rating for a year or more. However, staffing and quality are critical areas where the Administrators and Directors of Nursing can directly impact their ratings. With StarNow, you can see how each QM impacts your rating, right down to the triggering patient. Boosting your quality rating has never been easier.

    Let Us Do The Math

    CMS is constantly moving the goalposts. Measures are added, changed, or dropped entirely. The point system is constantly being replaced and re-weighted. When you’re hunting for that critical extra star, it can be impossible to see how to get there. With StarNow, we show you:

    The full point breakdown, including how far away you are from earning the next star and how close you may be to losing one.

    For each individual QM, how many cases need to be resolved to achieve the next level and how many points can be earned for doing so.

    Your trends over the last 18 months, so that it’s easy to see which direction you’re heading


    Patient-Level Visibility

    Finally! A way to determine which resident is impacting a specific Quality Measure. With StarNow, we're able to point you directly to the 'triggering' resident for any non-Claims-Based measure. From there, we leave it to your nursing team to find the right path to resolution. You got this.