StarNow: Real-Time Staffing


Know your Star Rating before you submit PBJ Data

Even with PBJ firmly in place, there’s still a significant delay between when the quarter closes and when the data is published on CMS. With StarNow for Staffing, we tap directly into your payroll system every morning, giving you the latest data and therefore the power to make changes prior to sending the data to CMS. Rest easy knowing you're getting full credit where it's due.


    Don’t Get Downgraded

    It happens to even the best Administrators and schedulers: an RN forgets to submit hours and suddenly you’ve been relegated to one star. But by continuously monitoring the data in your payroll system, StarPRO alerts users to any potential compliance issue.


      Simple Visuals

      When it comes to CMS’s methodology, it’s all too easy to get lost in an avalanche of numbers. With our simple Star Rating thermometers, we show you not just how many stars you have now, but how close you are to the next one and how to get there. We make it simple, but if you’re detail-oriented like us, we’ll still show you all the nerdy numbers.