Tools For Operators


Real-Time & Research Tools for Smart Operators

You know what's going in your building. But now you can easily verify that you're also getting full credit for everything that impacts your Star Ratings. See the full story of your facility on StarAnalyzer, then gain real-time visibility into your Quality and Staffing ratings with StarNow. Concerned about PDPM? We have a tool for that, too.

    Take Control of Quality

    Don’t waste any more time trying to figure out what your Quality Star Rating is going to be, or who’s triggering for what measure.  With StarNow Quality, you and your team have that information in real time, so everyone is up to date on how your performance is trending.

    Staffing is Hard Enough

    So let us handle the math.  We link directly to your payroll system to give you a live Star Rating for Staffing, so you can stay 3-6 months ahead of Nursing Home Compare.

    We keep our visuals simple, but rest assured, the nerdy numbers are there if you need them.  

    Detailed Facility Research

    StarAnalyzer takes CMS’s public data and raises it to the next level.  One glance at your facility reveals both strengths and opportunities for improvement.  Did we mention that you can also research your competitors and any of the other 15,000 homes in the country?  With complimentary monthly updates StarAnalyzer is the perfect place to start.

    PDPM at Warp Speed

    Our PDPM Forecaster tool is the fastest way to understand a patient’s profile and reimbursement under PDPM.  You’ll be done in minutes, then you can print, save, and revise any time.  Works with Any EHR.  Simple as that.