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Often, things slow down during summer, but we’ve been busy with CMS updates, FY2022 PPS rulings and new StarPRO features. Read on for more.


CMS Issues FY2022 PPS Final Rule

Late last month, CMS issued the 290-page document (here’s a mercifully shorter summary from CMS) that outlines next year’s Medicare payment plan, as well as new information on PDPM reimbursement and updates to both QRP and VBP. Our take is that the payment revisions are reasonable, but that the plate is filling with new QRP measures and the new freeze on VBP means many homes will miss out on money. We especially liked the AHA’s detailed take on the new rule.


StarAnalyzer News – Survey Tab Overhaul

This month, we’re proud to announce the launch of an overhauled Survey tab in StarAnalyzer. We’ve added three new “widgets”, two for forecasting the Survey Star Rating both with and without a new Standard Survey, and one analyzing F-Tags in the local market.

User-uploaded Image

We also revised our Survey history chart to include the forecasted months and to highlight the last time the score changed. Since the chart was getting long, we also added a scrollbar.

User-uploaded Image

Lastly, we revised the Survey Cycle and Survey Dates sections to be more descriptive, with links directly to CMS surveys, and a robust deficiency detail pop-out.

User-uploaded Image

The best way to explore these new features is to log in and run a search today. If you’re not currently a customer, get in touch and we’ll walk you through it!


New Quarterly Data Now Available

Last week we received the latest CMS updates, including the quarterly updates to Staffing and Quality data. While many homes changes Star Ratings, we didn’t see any large-scale movements in any one area. Try running a search today to see what’s changed at a home you’re interested in.

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