Think Local: StarPRO’s new Local Market Rating

Healthcare is Local Whether seeking long-term care or rehabbing after surgery, patients typically seek care close to home.  But if there’s more than one option, how do they choose? Hospital discharge planners are required to provide a list of local facilities (and their CMS star ratings) to choose from. Patients are advised to visit the facility (or […]

StarPRO August Updates: Slick New Survey Features

Source: CMS Often, things slow down during summer, but we’ve been busy with CMS updates, FY2022 PPS rulings and new StarPRO features. Read on for more. CMS Issues FY2022 PPS Final Rule Late last month, CMS issued the 290-page document (here’s a mercifully shorter summary from CMS) that outlines next year’s Medicare payment plan, as […]

Average Star Rating Graph
Fixes for the “Broken” Nursing Home Star Ratings Part 3: Quality

Source: CMS Welcome to the third installment of our four-part series on improving the CMS Five-Star rating system for nursing homes.  This month, we move from Staffing to Quality, the last of the three domains.    Why Is Quality Last? The fact that Quality is last is the perfect way to start.  Isn’t in strange […]

Survey and Quality to be Unfrozen, Infection Surveys Included

Source: CMS The Thaw Continues According to their memo on December 4th, CMS will resume calculation of the Health Inspection (Survey) and Quality domains of the Five-Star Rating system for Skilled Nursing Facilities as of January 27, 2021. This continues the trend started last month with an end to the one-quarter “freeze” of the Staffing […]

The Freeze Sets In: Minimal CMS Star Rating Changes Due to Covid-19

In our previous posts, we noted that CMS has frozen the Survey Rating and intends to freeze the Staffing Rating and some Quality Measures starting this month.  Let’s take a look at the impact of some of these changes. In a typical, non-frozen month, about 5% of facilities nationwide experience a Survey Rating change.  This […]

Staffing Star Rating and some Quality Measures to be Frozen

On June 25, CMS outlined changes that affect the Staffing and Quality domains of the Five Star Rating system. Staffing First and perhaps most importantly, CMS ended the emergency waiver that allowed facilities to skip reporting their PBJ staffing data. Facilities must now report PBJ data for 2020Q2 by August 14. Second, because the waiver […]