About Us

Our Point of View

StarPRO was founded on the belief that innovative tools, data-powered insights, and radical transparency can make a real impact in improving the level of care in the country’s nursing homes. When you know better, you can do better.

We believe in data storytelling. We believe even more of the importance of understanding what is behind the data.

Our History

StarPRO started by developing custom dashboards for an innovative and highly-rated group of homes in Western New York called The McGuire Group.  Once we realized that these same tools could find a place in the wider market, we added team members to help us build out more tools for the Nursing Home operators. We’ve since widened our reach and developed tools for investors who do business with nursing homes, because we know that if we focus on the value of continuously improving quality of care, everyone wins. 

We’re based in Buffalo, NY, and proud to be a Start-Up NY company.

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